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Welcome to IRREGULAR.COM's world infamous Hate Mail!

We've all seen those cutesy little online greeting card sites. Check if you need the sugar fix. Quite frankly, we've seen too many of them ourselves. We wanted something a little more, well, Irregular!

From our twisted perspective we came up with our own free line of online greeting cards. Breaking up? Problems at work? Just want to reach out and hate someone? We hear ya.

Yup, our cards are designed to tell those special people in your life that, gosh darn it, they're not special people in your life. Tell them off with style -- and smile!

We've got dozens to choose from. Just pick a category there to your left. It wouldn't be right otherwise. And, again, they're all free.

If you want to end it in fabric, buy the official t-shirt!

Nice! Just $12.99 -- Order Now!.

If you want to send the kiss off in song, we still hear ya! Every week we will be offering new links to "I Hate You" cards from This week's batch:

So Fine by The Plastiks -- "So fine, if you want to go, make it fast not slow, I don't want to waste another day of my life on you."

Mercy by Paris By Air -- "Fall on your knees. Hit the ground. Beat your chest and cry for Mercy. . . But it won't do you any good."

Poor Little Me by Simplicity -- "Hey! You know you're not a lot, but you kept me going strong. I will not be alone. I will not live alone. Poor little you all caught up in yourself."

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